Vitality Psychology & Consulting Services Pty Ltd

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Live life with vitality by enhancing psychological health and well-being

Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy creates a safe space where you and your therapist can listen to your internal wisdom. People are more similar than different so as you and your therapist are present to each other, it is the therapist`s task to suggest new approaches to old problems..


We provide a week-long comprehensive assessment and a 3-day assessment.

We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to provide the client with a careful investigation of their situation within a supportive and non-judgemental setting.


We run a 12-week small group program for clergy people and religious, based on a Wellness approach. Ministry and religious living is very challenging and if not careful, they can get worn-out. Origins re-freshes and re-inspires. When taking good care of themselves, church workers take good care of the people they work with.

Professional Supervision

For anyone who works in a helping profession or has responsibility for caring for or leading others, professional supervision helps keep balance and a professional equilibrium.