Vitality staff offer a range of professional services,

including general clinical psychotherapy.

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We provide a week-long comprehensive assessment and a 3-day assessment.

We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to provide the client with a careful investigation of their situation within a supportive and non-judgemental setting.

These assessments help the client understand their current situation and adopt effective strategies for maximum vitality.

A person undertakes a Life Review Assessment (5 day) when they are struggling with a psychological issue that is intruding in their work, relationships or sense of themselves.

Components of the Life Review Assessment:

Psychosocial Interviews
Full Medical Assessment
Psychiatric Interview
Neuropsychological Assessment
Psychological Testing
Spiritual Review

A person undertakes a New Beginnings Assessment (3 day) when they are considering a new career path.

Components of the New Beginnings Assessment:

Psychosocial Interviews
Psychological Testing
Spiritual Review

Jan (our office manager) sends out to the client a range of questionnaire booklets to help them orient themselves to the topics for discussion during the assessment process. Please call Jan or Gerardine for any assistance in preparing for your assessment.

At the end of the process, we meet with the client (and a support person) to summarise the outcome of the assessment. We send the client a detailed report within two weeks that summarises the assessment and details suggestions for the client about moving forward in their life.