Vitality staff offer a range of professional services,

including general clinical psychotherapy.

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Individual therapy

Psychotherapy creates a safe space where you and your therapist can listen to your internal wisdom. People are more similar than different so as you and your therapist are present to each other, it is the therapist`s task to suggest new approaches to old problems.

Our therapists are clinical psychologists.

People benefit from therapy when they notice that they are not living their life with freedom, grace and optimism. They may be struggling at work, in their relationships, in their mood, over-worrying, developing a troubling habit or losing confidence in themselves and their future.

For Australian people with a Medicare card, they can first consult a medical doctor requesting a Mental Health Care Plan which acts as a referral to your psychologist.

A Mental Health Care Plan supports a client to access up to 10 psychological treatments in a calendar year.

If a client is earning a living, we charge a modest gap fee between the Medicare rebate and our bill.