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Dr Gerardine Taylor Robinson

Dr Gerardine Taylor Robinson is a clinical psychologist and expert consultant. She has worked, both here and in USA, for over 25 years in mental health. For over 11 years, she was the Clinical Director of Encompass Australasia. Under her direction, this service gained an international reputation as a multi-disciplinary team which delivered best practice treatment approaches in an encouraging and non-judgemental environment.

Gerardine has published professional articles as well as presented papers at a variety of national and international conferences. She is an outstanding workshop presenter. Based on her vast experience, she is a very effective consultant to groups and organisations, especially in understanding and supporting members who are struggling with psychological issues which may be impacting their own happiness, work effectiveness or their place in the group.

Gerardine works with adult women and men in a supportive approach to therapy. As well as being a member of the Clinical College of the Australian Psychological Society, she is a member of the following professional organisations: ANZATSA, CSOCAS and ASSERT.